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Welcome to Okanagan Development Consultants Inc. in Summerland BC. We’ve been serving clients throughout the province since 1998 with drafting, building designs, and property development consulting services. The ODC team consists of Jeff Gagnon (Co-owner and Lead Designer), Mike Nield (Co-owner and Lead Designer), Bill Coates (Property Development Manager), and Amelia Gagnon (Accounting and Invoicing Manager, and Draftsman).

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Building Design & Land Development Consulting

We begin the first consulting meeting by determining your specific unique needs, and then prepare solutions for you as your project develops. As building designers and project managers, we work closely with our clients to design the project, coordinate with contractor(s), and engage with structural engineers, building suppliers, and municipal staff (and engage engineers or architects when required based on project scope).

We provide the following services that are residential and commercial related:

  • Building Permit Construction Drawings
  • Single/Mulit-Family Dwelling Designs
  • Secondary Suites, Carriage Homes, Garages
  • Home Renovation & Addition Plans
  • Subdivisions
  • Re-Zoning Applications
  • Winery And Tasing Room Designs
  • Vineyard Layouts
  • Property Development & Planning
  • Zoning Checks & Consultation


Re: Legalizing an Existing Non-Conforming Secondary Suite on ALR Land, Summerland B.C

“Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your help in legalizing our secondary suite. Brilliant work on your part, I can’t see it happening without you!

Ron N, Summerland BC.

Re: New house design on a mountain top above the Kelowna airport, B.C

Hi Bill

Please share with all. Yes! Concrete will be poured tomorrow. Hail Mary! Thank your crew for their work and their ability to cope with my thinking. Jeff in particular was responsive and competent and great to work with. Mike is inspired and artistic talent lurks close to the surface. We are not done yet and will involve Mike in thinking about water! We also have another building to consider – the “art studio” Thanks and regards,

Jan and Lidia

Okanagan Development Consultants
Okanagan Development Consultants1 year ago

Festive time at the office, Xmas lights around the water sculpture, which is still running through the cold! It's a bit of an experiment lol!

Okanagan Development Consultants
Okanagan Development Consultants1 year ago

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